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rsyslog 0.9.8 released - soon to be final
Hi all,

today, I have released rsyslog 0.9.8. This release has only minor
changes compared to the previous one. Most importantly the startup and
shutdown messages are now more consistent and informative. Which, of
course, is not a big deal. The main reason for this release was to have
one final shot before the release of the first 1.0 final.

I have withhold any updated during the past 3 weeks and fortunately did
not get any error reports (but there was some user activity, so it is
save to assume rsyslog did receive some further testing. As I made
changes, I would like to have this code run at least a little while
before moving it to final. If nothing goes wrong, I'll do that towards
the end of the week or early next week. Most probably, new features will
be introduced after that.