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rsyslog 8.2402.0 released
Hi all.

We are happy to announce the release of rsyslog version 8.2402.0!

This release brings several improvements and bug fixes, including:

Enhanced Security: This release introduces the initial implementation
of imdtls and omdtls modules, enabling secure message exchange over
UDP using the DTLS protocol. This significantly bolsters the security
of your logging infrastructure.

Improved Test Reliability: The omusrmsg-noabort test has been revamped
to reliably detect potential message queue aborts in rsyslog, ensuring
better quality and stability.

Bug Fixes:

- A potential double-free issue in omusrmsg has been addressed,
eliminating the risk of crashes and memory corruption.
- A bug in ommysql that could lead to segfaults in specific database
error scenarios has been fixed.
- omfile now skips unnecessary actions when writing to /dev/null,
improving efficiency.

We encourage all rsyslog users to upgrade to this latest version to
benefit from these enhancements and bug fixes. For more detailed
information, please refer to the full changelog below.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

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