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Problems with Ruckus ICX 6610
Good afternoon,

I'm having problems gathering configs from Ruckus (Foundry) ICX 6610
switches. Some (not all) of them fail, and some of them pick up during the
"getting missed routers" phase. I have ICX 6430, ICX 7250, and ICX 7450
switches with essentially the same configuration on this network, and not a
single one of them fails. Only ICX 6610, and only some of them, and not
always every run. I have been able to confirm that each 6610 that failed
was a stack of at least two switches. No standalones failed.

To put that in perspective, out of 49 ICX 6610 switches/stacks, I had 24
failures on the first run. 3 of those succeeded on the 2nd pass, and so
on. By the final pass I had 18 that it didn't get.

Each one produces the same log error every time:
cchsu_mdf: missed cmd(s): show flash

I have confirmed that I can run flogin as the rancid user, and it has no
problems logging in.

What can I do?