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unsubscribing to this mail list...
The new maillist handler does not lend itself to unsubscribing when
your mail provider reports your return address differently from your
original address. In my case, I subscribed as In
trying to unsubscribe I got email flagged as:

but the response is:
Acknowledgment: The address

is not on this mailing list.
and the mail keeps coming...

Expecting "normal" users to be able to send email to

is probably not reasonable. You need some type of filter to support
"unsubscribe" in either the subject or the body of
the message. Fortunately, the "From " header indicates that this may
be the correct permutation.

I will be sending off yet another request for deletion (YARFD) to the
above address as soon as I post this message. Maybe this time I'll be

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