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Binc (IMAP 2) is back!
Hi together,

I'm pleased to announce Binc IMAP 2:


Unlike my other SW projects, it is a self-contained C++ solution.

Since it includes the application layer (IMAP4rev1) only, one needs to
call it on base of tcpserver (ucspi-tcp6) or preferrably sslserver
(ucspi-ssl, supporting StartTLS) and is in particular suited for
Maildir type mail depots.

User authentication is provided via the PAM, though it
works well for virtual domains using checkvpw or vchkpw.

The forthcoming s/qmail 4.3 will include the IMAP4 enhanced qmail-
authuser PAM suited for any kind of authentication, including CRAM-MD5
(supported by Binc IMAP 2 already).

I hope to have provided a qualified solution for your IMAP needs at the
level of Courier, Cyrus, and/or Dovecot (though Dovecot covers far more
services than Binc IMAP does).
Binc IMAP 2 complements my email software suite and is usually invoked
by DJB's daemontools.

I've took the chance to update Andreas Aaardal Hanssen's documentation;
so it fits the current version.

Happy IMAPing!


Dr. Erwin Hoffmann |
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