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PSC #096: 2023-02-03
Just myself a Philippe this week.

* Smartmatch deprecation continues - just one more distribution left
now (Test-Simple) and then we can make the actual core perl change.

* RFC process needs a new name and ID allocation scheme. We will
continue discussing ideas and post when we have something

* `overload::v2` feels like the best solution to the problem of how to
add `substr` overloading.

* join overloading might want a `join_uses_concat` flag to avoid
surprising existing modules.

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Re: PSC #096: 2023-02-03 [ In reply to ]
On Fri, 3 Feb 2023 17:10:28 +0000
"Paul \"LeoNerd\" Evans" <> wrote:

> Just myself a Philippe this week.

Myself *and* Philippe. Grr typo.

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