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[PATCH (sort of)] Portable openssh-7.9-p1 build with Kerberos.
I tried to build openssh-portable on OpenBSD 6.4 with Kerberos support
(I tried this initially because I failed to get the BSD version of
openssh to work).

The OpenBSD 6.4 had heimdal kerberos support (self built from the ports

I configured as
./configure --with-kerberos5=/usr/local/heimdal --prefx=

There are a few minor problems in the build system:

- ports offers the krb5_free_error_message() call but configure does not
detect (or check for it), so "#define HAVE_KRB5_FREE_ERROR_MESSAGE" had
to be added manually to config.h.

- /usr/local/lib needs to be added to the LDFLAGS because it will
contain libcom_err.a

- openbsd-compat/port-aix.c fails to compile because of header files,
although (obviously) the file does not apply to an OpenBSD build. To fix
this, the #ifdef _AIX had to be moved further up.

I'm attaching a patch with the changes. Naturally these have to be
worked into the build-system itself, but I'm lacking the expertise to
even understand where to start.