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[Bug 3132] No command to list the content of an SSH KRL

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--- Comment #4 from Ahmed Sayeed <> ---
no longer builds on aarch64 (native build) after updating to

Due to a glibc 2.33 header file change, the file
nat/aarch64-linux-hw-point.c no longer builds on OSes using this
version of glibc.
An enum for PTRACE_SYSEMU is now provided by <sys/ptrace.h>. In the
past, PTRACE_SYSEMU was defined only in <asm/ptrace.h>. This is
what it looks like...

In <asm/ptrace.h>:

#define PTRACE_SYSEMU 31

In <sys/ptrace.h>:
enum __ptrace_request


When <asm/ptrace.h> and <sys/ptrace.h> are both included in a source
file, we run into the following build problem when the former is
included before the latter:

In file included from nat/aarch64-linux-hw-point.c:26:
/usr/include/sys/ptrace.h:86:3: error: expected identifier before
numeric constant
86 | PTRACE_SYSEMU = 31,
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

(There are more errors after this one too.)
The file builds without error when <asm/ptrace.h> is included after
<sys/ptrace.h>. I found that this is already done in
nat/aarch64-sve-linux-ptrace.h (which is included by

A commit for this bug is already on the trunk:

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