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EX4200 sflow, more then one collector?

I have sflow export from my EX4200 switch to my linux collector (like
pmacct). Everything works fine. But i want devide data per physical
port to two collectors, its possible yet?

For example:
Collector ports ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/1 and ....
Collector ports ge-0/0/2 and ge-0/0/3 and ....

Like i see i have way for setup two or more collectors, but i cant
see any way how to group ports per collector...

If you ask why i need this? For example i want collect and analyse
Uplink ports at one collector and downlink ports with other one.

Also , one more question, why we need more then one collector if both
got same data ? Just for redundancy?


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