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Greetings everyone!

Team Cymru has been tracking bogons since 2002, and announcing them to
this mailing list since January 2003, but it is time to say farewell to
the mailing list. As you are likely aware, in February of this year
IANA allocated the final five /8 networks from the free pool. While
individual RIRs continue to hold considerable IPv4 space, the purpose of
this list has been to make announcements regarding these "traditional"
bogon /8s, and thus, it is time to bring it to a close.

That said, we continue to provide a wealth of bogon information in our
bogon reference pages:

and we continue to track the relatively new "fullbogons" for both IPv4
and IPv6. For those not familiar with fullbogons, this project tracks
unallocated IPv4 and IPv6 space at a more granular level than the
traditional bogons, making use of the RIRs' lists of delegated prefix
and calculating the inverse to list those prefixes which have not been
delegated, and thus should not be seen on the Internet. This list is
quite rapidly changing and updated multiple times per day, so we
strongly advise that it be consumed via an automatically updated method,
such as by querying our DNS zone or peering with our fullbogon route
servers via BGP.

All of our bogon information will continue to be maintained and updated
for the forseeable future. We also do not have any immediate plans to
shut down the traditional bogon BGP routeservers or remove that
information from our web site, though we do expect it to remain largely
static, barring any changes to the martians by RFC activity.

Don't forget that Team Cymru is more than just "the bogon people" too!
We provide a wide range of insight designed to help improve lives and
keep your networks safe and secure. I'll list several projects
involving sharing this insight below, and you can always find more on
our web sites: - Team Cymru Community Services - The Dragon Research Group

TC Console is a web based user interface designed for network
administrators/operators, providing a variety of Team Cymru's insight as
it applies to your specific network, including both near real time
alerting and historical data. More details can be found here:

The Malware Hash Registry provides a look-up service for SHA1s and MD5s
of potentially malicious binaries, allowing you to find the last time we
analyzed a file, and an approximate percentage of anti-virus engines
that detected the file as malicious. MHR's companion tools include
WinMHR for scanning of Windows systems, a Mac OS X MHR Dashboard Widget,
and a Firefox MHR add-on for MHR scanning of downloaded files. You can
find more details on the MHR project and these companions at the
following URLs:

The IP to ASN Mapping project provides an easy-to-use set of interfaces
to answer the question of "who routes the network containing A.B.C.D?"
These interfaces include traditional TCP/43 WHOIS, DNS, and HTTP/HTTPS.
A wide range of data can be returned in response to your queries, and
both bulk and individual query styles are supported. Check out all the
details at:

Finally, Team Cymru is all about sharing insight, and we're doing that
in the social networking space as well! We provide many nuggets of
insight and interesting security news stories via Twitter, and offer a
regular video show on YouTube sharing insight, experience, and advice on
a wide variety of security topics. We also provide an Internet Security
News Feed in cooperation with E-Secure-IT, keeping you on top of all the
events in the Internet Security world. You can check all of these out
at the URLs below:

We appreciate all of your support over the years, and look forward to
continuing to provide actionable and useful insight to improve lives for
many years to come. If you have any questions, would like more
information about any of our services, etc, you are always welcome to
contact and we'll make sure your inquiry gets to
the right place!

Best regards,
Tim Wilde for the Team Cymru NOC and Engineering Team

- --
Tim Wilde, Senior Software Engineer, Team Cymru, Inc. |

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