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mythweb annotated tag v30-Pre updated by stuarta. v29.0
The annotated tag, v30-Pre has been updated on the
mythweb repository by gitolite user stuarta.
to 55ca75d9a609986ec8433bd69417a95663c240da (tag)
from ece58ebc66872e5a9b6e748f36304bd474d8c902 (which is now obsolete)
tagging ece58ebc66872e5a9b6e748f36304bd474d8c902 (commit)
replaces v29-pre
tagged by Stuart Auchterlonie
on Mon Jan 8 22:02:35 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging v30-Pre

Charles Bovy (2):
Fixes #12670. Ensure fine tune is set and not empty
[mythweb] Remove/changed some deprecated PHP7 functions:

Doug Haber (1):
Add Satisfy Any to make location work for apache 2.2

Ian Campbell (1):
Refs #12752 - [mythweb] Avoid double quoting sql

Jan Schneider (1):
Fix output of stars as float values.

Karl Dietz (11):
update german translation
use full group by for listing view
unbreak "don't record" and getAspect()
add note about "new" alternative for many uses of _or
use NULL instead of ZERO datetime when saving to recording rules
remove grouping from SQL when loading programs
rewrite getAspect to use new recordedfile table
don't mix JOIN ON and JOIN USING in one query
avoid returning one copy of each program per person in the cast/crew
use a better translation for "split the list into pages"
Merge remote-tracking branch 'dhaber/satisfy_any'

Michael T. Dean (1):
Set the SQL mode when connecting to the database.

Nicolas Riendeau (5):
Always ask for the PHP UTF-8 supporting locale for all translations
Merge branch 'master' of
Updated French language MythWeb translation
Update French language MythWeb translation
Updated Canadian French MythWeb translation

Paul Shannon (1):
Updated Dockerfile for versioned builds

Peje Nilsson (1):
Update the Swedish translation

Peter Bennett (1):
Fixes #12822 - Duplicate programs showing in listings.

Philipp Matthias Hahn (1):
Fixes #13007 - Handle .m4v as video/mp4

Piotr Oniszczuk (1):
Fixes #12942 - update flow player to 3.2.18

Steve Campbell (1):
Fixes #13041 - Update mythweb jquery and prototype libraries and use CDN

Stuart Auchterlonie (7):
Properly query recommend_enabled setting.
Merge branch 'master' of
Fixes #12868. inetref cannot be NULL
Fixes #12878. Use mythtv time, not unixtime to 'activate' a recording
Add mythweb dir to @INC.
Fixes #12981 [php7.1] Use of this is no longer allowed
Ignore quilt files



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