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cmake.... maybe meson?

Isn’t that there are some considerations to move away from automake based build to something new?
If so - i heard cmake is in candidates.

I personally would strongly opt for meson <>

Arguments for meson:
1. compillation speed
2. perfect at cross-compiling
3. majority moves i see in FOSS are to meson these days (Xorg, Wayland, gstreamer, etc)

Ad1: in my env i.e. mesa3d compiles multiple times faster after switch from automake to meson

Ad2: almost all Xorg/Wayland switched to meson. In my case (cross to aarch64) switch was exactly seamless.
When compared with i.e. cmake based Qt6 cross - switch to meson for packages which are now meson based was clear pleasure.

just my 0.02$