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[ANNOUNCE] Apache PyLucene 6.4.1
I am pleased to announce the availability of Apache PyLucene 6.4.1.

Apache PyLucene, a subproject of Apache Lucene, is a Python extension for
accessing Apache Lucene Core. Its goal is to allow you to use Lucene's text
indexing and searching capabilities from Python. It is API compatible with
the latest version of Lucene 6.x Core, 6.4.1.

This release contains many changes since the last PyLucene release was
compatible with Lucene 4.x. Details can be found in the changes files:

Apache PyLucene is available from the following download page:

When downloading from a mirror site, please remember to verify the downloads
using signatures found on the Apache site:

For more information on Apache PyLucene, visit the project home page: