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Add ipv6 address on Hearbeat
I am using Heartbeat 2.1.3 on Solaris 10 OS. I already have configured the hearbeat service  , but I want to configure Hearbeat on dualStack(ipv4-ipv6). As I said I already have configured the ip-s(ipv4) and I was wondering there is an easy way to add an ipv6 address without major impacts(without any reconfigurations etc)? I found /opt/heartbeat/etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPv6addr and I saw the usage of this script: $0 <ip-address> $LEGAL_ACTIONS. So basically I should just run this script like: /opt/heartbeat/etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPv6addr 2620:0:60:b008::87f7:a394 start ? Or there are some more steps to configure an ipv6 address?

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