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Libgcrypt 1.4.3 released

The GNU project is pleased to announce the availability of Libgcrypt
version 1.4.3.

Libgcrypt is a general purpose library of cryptographic building
blocks. It is originally based on code used by GnuPG. It does not
provide any implementation of OpenPGP or other protocols. Thorough
understanding of applied cryptography is required to use Libgcrypt.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.4.3:

* Try to auto-initialize Libgcrypt to minimize the effect of
applications not doing that correctly. This is not a perfect
solution but given that many applicationion would totally fail
without such a hack, we try to help at least with the most common
cases. Folks, please read the manual to learn how to properly
initialize Libgcrypt!

* Auto-initialize the secure memory to 32k instead of aborting the

* Log fatal errors via syslog.

* Changed the name and the semantics of the fips mode config file.

* Add convenience macro gcry_fips_mode_active.

* More self-tests.

* Documentation cleanups.

Source code is hosted at the GnuPG FTP server and its mirrors as
listed at . On the primary
server the source file and its digital signatures is: (1062k)

This file is bzip2 compressed. A gzip compressed version is also
available: (1325k)

Alternativley you may upgrade version 1.4.2 using this patch file: (42k)

The SHA-1 checksums are:

bdc67c1fdcec464a94dca691615f2335a12db5ce libgcrypt-1.4.3.tar.bz2
3d9d583501ce951596fa7dd3667afd357ac7d056 libgcrypt-1.4.3.tar.gz
e28b74c5824364e20ae7f147f1b89925f5426669 libgcrypt-1.4.2-1.4.3.diff.bz2

For help on developing with Libgcrypt you should read the included
manual and optional ask on the gcrypt-devel mailing list [1].

Improving Libgcrypt is costly, but you can help! We are looking for
organizations that find Libgcrypt useful and wish to contribute back.
You can contribute by reporting bugs, improve the software [2], order
extensions or support or more general by donating money to the Free
Software movement [3].

Commercial support contracts for Libgcrypt are available [4], and they
help finance continued maintenance. g10 Code GmbH, a Duesseldorf
based company, is currently funding Libgcrypt development. We are
always looking for interesting development projects.

Many thanks to all who contributed to Libgcrypt development, be it bug
fixes, code, documentation, testing or helping users.

Happy hacking,


[1] See .
[2] Note that copyright assignments to the FSF are required.
[3] For example see .
[4] See the service directory at .

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