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GnuPG Explorer Extension (GPGee) version 1.2.2 released!
Hi all,

I have just released version 1.2.2 of GPGee - the GnuPG Explorer Extension.

This release adds a few minor features, a German language module (though
no German help file yet), and fixes a bug where when performing an
operation on multiple files, your passphrase would be asked for more
than once.

One much requested feature that has finally made it in is the ability
for GPGee to process directories/subdirectories. The other additions are:
- Menu entry for quick symmetrical encryption
- Faster memory manager and a slightly changed processing routine so
that the context menu appears more quickly when many files are

For those of you who are unfamilliar with the program, GPGee is the
GnuPG Explorer Extension - a Windows shell extension front end for GnuPG
that gives you access to GnuPG functionality directly through the
Windows explorer right-click context menu.

More information (including a full discussion of the new version) and
downloads are available from:

Kurt Fitzner

p.s. I could use volunteers to help with translation. Werner Koch took
time out of his schedule to do the translation for the German language
module. He just didn't have the time to do the help file - which is not
surprising considering how much he does. If there are others who can
help, it would be really appreciated. Translating the help file would
be a fairly large job up-front. After that, ongoing work would be only
whatever new strings are needed for new features.