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Media-sound/strawberry and external mass storage devices
Hi there,

I installed strawberry on two systems: My desktop and my laptop computer;
While my desktop shows all attached USB mass storage media in stawberry's
device tab, the laptop's device tab stays empty, no matter what I connect or
in which order (start strawberry first, then insert USB stick or the other way

Mounting and accessing the devices in KDE/Dolphin works fine, they immediately
appear in plasma's removable device widget, I can open and use them as usual.

However, when starting strawberry on command line with option --version, I see
some differences:

10:11:33.916 INFO DeviceManager:450 Device added: "Gio//f2fs/
29868666880" ("Gio//f2fs/29868666880")
10:11:33.917 INFO DeviceManager:450 Device added: "Udisks2/
AA5YSPHZ0QR09UDC/Corsair/Voyager 3.0/30408704000/5ca996d4-0070-4196-865c-

Those lines are only shown on the desktop PC (the one that shows the devices
in the device tab), the laptop shows no single DeviceManager message.

Does anyone have an idea what prevents Strawberry's device manager from
showing/scanning devices?