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[Bug 3063] "SMTP Smuggling" attack

--- Comment #17 from Simon Arlott <> ---
This is already creating interoperability problems in conjunction with the
default strict line length limits, because a message body containing bare LFs
which get converted to spaces can make the lines longer:

"< znx> after a recent upgrade .. we have noted that newlines seem to be
getting stripped from a message body. still testing to determine exactly what
is going on. but the message is accepted (passing a linelength check) and then
rejected when it tries to router (failing a linelength check). messages which
don't fail the linelength check .. get through but have their newlines stripped
and replaced by spaces. content is HTML.
< jgh> I bet you're feeding bare CR's in
< znx> possibly, I think it is from Oracle directly, not sure how it handles
< znx> the newlines are in the message body"

This unexplained change should be reverted. As long as Exim understands the
message correctly it can normalise the line endings when storing it.

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