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drbd-utils v9.23.1
Dear DRBD users,

this is version 9.23.1 of drbd-utils. There have not been any reported
issues since RC1. For convenience the original RC announcement (note
that LINSTOR in the meantime also found a workaround for the problem):

With SDS/LINSTOR/k8s/... we are more and more in a world where we see *a
lot* of DRBD resources and no longer the classical "1 resource with my
HA database" use case. There we also have to take care about what
happens when a systems boots (or activates all DRBD resources for what
ever reason at the same time) and then tries to resync hundreds of
resources that all compete for resources (i.e, net and disk). Actually,
DRBD has a feature for that, "resync-after" where one can define a chain
of resources to be synced after each other. LINSTOR will make better use
of that soon, but the fact is that one of the DRBD config file checks
for resync-after was too strict. And that is the only fix in this

Regards, rck