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linstor-server release 1.18.1

Here is the final release of version 1.18.1, a few more bug fixes were
added since rc.2, but nothing additional was added since then.

Starting with this version, users are able to temporarily mix storage pool
types to allow a migration of data to a different storage type. Please be
aware that mixing storage types can lead to various problems, and therefore
only use this feature when necessary.
Use the AllowMixingStoragePoolDriver property to enable this.

Additionally, a few database-related bugs including some experimental
CRD-related issues have been found and removed.

linstor-server 1.18.1
* update drbd-options for drbd-utils 9.21.1
* Fix s3 multipart upload bug involving unit mismatch
* Allow mixing resource storage pool types for migration purposes
* Several bug fixes related to the Kubernetes database driver
* Small fixes in backup shipping
* When the DB has an error, the controller will now also have an error and
stop running as the DB was empty/faulty
* Log more information on startup
* Fix local IP finding on controller
* Fix zfs snapshot restore duplicate zpool name
* Fix volume-group properties not correctly handled
* Extend rs-discard-granularity automatic checks
* Fix Node modify node-type port
* Fixes in TaskScheduler(race-conditions, exceptions)
* API Version 1.13.1

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