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linstor-server release 1.18.1-rc.2

This second release candidate is almost the same as the first, but with a
small bugfix regarding creating backups to S3, as well as whitelisting new
DRBD options available since drbd-utils 9.21.1

For completeness sake, here are the release notes from rc.1:
Starting with this version, users are able to temporarily mix storage pool
types to allow a migration of data to a different storage type. Please be
aware that mixing storage types can lead to various problems, and therefore
only use this feature when necessary.
Additionally, a few database-related bugs including some experimental
CRD-related issues have been found and removed.

linstor-server 1.18.1-rc.2
* update drbd-options for drbd-utils 9.21.1
* Fix s3 multipart upload bug involving unit mismatch
* Allow mixing resource storage pool types for migration purposes
* Several bug fixes related to the Kubernetes database driver
* Small fixes in backup shipping
* When the DB has an error, the controller will now also have an error and
stop running as the DB was empty/faulty
* Log more information on startup
* API Version 1.13.1

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