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drbd-utils v9.21.0
Dear DRBD users,

this is the final version for drbd-utils 9.21.0. The main reason is the
addition of "secondary --force" Phil wrote about in the DRBD kernel
module RC announce.

This also includes all the fixes from 9.20.1 and 9.20.2, and various
other small fixes like a fix for "drbdadm sh-resource", and fixes for for DRBD9. Please see the Changelog and the commit history for
more details.

The only change since RC1 is that a confusing unused
--peer=connect_to_host option was dropped from drbdadm in v9.

Regards, rck


* drbdsetup,v9: show susupend reason in json output
* drbdsetup,v9: add secondary --force
* drbdsetup,v9: fix *susp_str() for events2 diff mode
* drdbdadm,v9: fix sh-resource
* drdbdadm,v9: rm --peer=connect_to_host
* doc: various improvements
* windrbd: ask user if for admin if access denied
* ocf: deal with situation where PM node name and actual node name do
* not match
* deal with unset DRBD_PEER env variable