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VALARM calendar-query support
Hello everybody,

I'm trying to retrieve events that have an VALARM component that
triggers on a given time range using a calendar-query REPORT. I'm using
the sample XML body found on RFC 4791 [1] slightly altered to search for
VEVENTs instead of VTODOs.

The problem is that DAViCal seems to ignore the 'VALARM' comp-filter tag
and sometimes it just applies the time-range filter to VEVENTs, or even
replies with unrelated events.

Has anyone used VALARM querying with success? Does DAViCal support it? I
didn't see any test cases on VALARM, so maybe DAViCal doesn't support
this kind of queries yet.

I'm using DAViCal 1.1.1, and I can show you some sample events, requests
and responses to show the behaviour I'm seeing.

Thank you, regards.

Jorge López Pérez
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