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conserver-8.1.11 is available
This new version has a small bug fix, a couple enhancements, as well as
a fairly major philosophical switch. Before (for no real reason except
my own confusion) a client could only be read-write if the console was
up. This is no longer true, since they really don't have anything to do
with each other. This change makes things much simpler, which is always
a good thing.

As always, here's the full list of changes:

version 8.1.11 (Nov 9, 2004):
- fixed array bounds and stack tromping - reported by Emmett
Hogan <>
- most recent client to ask for read-write now gets it (used to
be first client to connect)
- client read-write mode now separate from console up/down state
- 'make autologin.install' now compiles autologin - reported by
Graham Merrill <>
- new 'autocomplete' option for controlling shortest-prefix
console name matching (which has always been on)
- client now blocks on ^Eco, waiting for status of connection
- added 'a' and 'A' for upper and lowercase alphanumeric
(0-9a-z) conversions to the *subst config items - based on
patch by Jonathan Chen <>