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conserver-8.1.14 is available
There have been quite a few changes and additions in this revision, all
based on input by the user community! Thank you for them! I hope you
all enjoy the new features.

version 8.1.14 (Apr 9, 2006):
- fixed rpm conserver.spec file - based on patch by Martin Evans
- added 'uds' console type for unix domain socket connections -
based on patch by DJ Gregor <>
- probing of interfaces under cygwin (and possibly others?) now
skips unconfigured interfaces (even if flagged as up!) -
reported by Chris Riddoch <>
- added the '!login' console option to prevent clients from
connecting to a console - suggested by Greg Tillman
- added a 'noop' console type for consoles you'd like to name,
but have no connection to - suggested by Greg Tillman
- deprecated escape commands removed from the code
- added '^EcP' and '^EcR' sequences to set the playback and
replay line lengths
- new console config options 'playback' and 'replay' to let the
client set prefered output lengths (with a special feature for
a size of zero)
- prefer strlcpy() over strcpy() - based on patch by Peter
Valchev <>
- fixed bug where '^Eco' by user on an 'exec' console with an
'initcmd' causes input by user to be ignored (could be other
console types as well) - reported by Mark Wedel
- made POSIX termios code in autologin a requirement (since
conserver requires it) and cleaned up a few other issues -
based on reports by Arthur Clune <>

Bryan Stansell
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