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[clamav-users] DLP options
I'm using clamav-0.103.0 on fedora33 and am interested in the DLP
options. Last I checked, support for it had been discontinued, but as
of 0.102, it appears to have been supported again, at least to block
credit cards and SSNs?

Are there other options available?

Is there more information available about how it works? By simply
quarantining/blocking it?

Can it be used to block more advanced PII like addresses and names, or
PIN numbers, DOB or even medical information?

This is to be used in conjunction with spamassassin and amavisd. While
I don't expect we'd have medical information to protect, per se, I'm
just gathering information on what's available and how effective the
out-of-the-box protection is currently.


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