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Update (daily: 371)
ClamAV database updated (2004.06.25 16:35 GMT): daily.cvd, viruses.db2
Version: 371
Signatures total: 22090

Submission: 3953-web
Sender: Rushan Sobar
Virus: W32.Blackmal@mm
Added: No. Worm.Nyxem found after decoding base64 file lacking headers.

Submission: 4009-web
Sender: Vladimir Costa
Virus: suspect
Alias: Trojan.PWS.Wexd
Added: Trojan.PWS.Wexd-inst
Added: Trojan.PWS.Wexd

Submission: 4012-web
Sender: abel
Virus: false
Added: n/a. Not a false positive as Clamav doesn't detect an infection in the sample.

Submission: 4015-web
Sender: Geert Vanhauwaert
Virus: W32/Netsky.z
Added: No. Damaged zip file. Harmless.

Submission: 4022-web
Sender: Alain Hebert
Virus: W32/Netsky.c.eml!exe
Added: No. Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1 found after adding missing mail header.

Submission: 4030-web
Sender: Paul Grainger
Virus: I-Worm.Tanatos.b.dam2
Added: No. Damaged binary data. Harmless.

Submission: 4031-web
Sender: Eric Paul
Virus: VirusDDoS.Win32.Boxed.g (Kaspersky)
Added: DDoS.W32.Boxed.G-2

Submission: 3822-web, 4043-web, 4046-web, 4047-web
Sender: Cyrus, Trog, Raymond Dijkxhoorn, denis ducamp
Virus: unknown, W32/Antiqfx.A (F-prot), Win32.HLLW.AntiQFX.A (Bitdefender)
Alias: TR/HLLW.AntiQFX (Hbedv), W32/AntiQFX-A (Sophos), Win32.HLLW.AntiQFX (Drweb)
Added: Worm.AntiQFX.A

Submission: 4042-web
Sender: Josh Logan
Virus: unknown
Added: No. Broken binary. Harmless.

Submission: 4044-web
Sender: Shahryar Saigol
Virus: unknown
Added: No. Broken zip file.

Submission: 4045-web
Sender: Josh Logan
Virus: unknown
Alias: Flooder.Boxed (Drweb)
Added: DDoS.W32.Boxed.H
Added: DDoS.W32.Boxed.H-unp

Submission: 4049-web, 4051-web
Sender: Alexey Oparin, Mike Cathey
Virus: unknown
Added: Worm.Pic1983

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