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Regarding ClamAV code coverage metrics with help of existing unit-test cases
Dear All,
I would like to build the ClamAV software from source code on an ubuntu machine and  measure the  code coverage of the ClamAV project with the help  of existing unit test cases in the ClamAV project
 for that, the  below  steps that I  followed
1.compiled the ClamAV source code locally  and installed successfully on the local ubuntu machine
 a)  b)./configure --enable-check  --enable-coveragec)sudo make install
2)After installation, I  switched from the ClamAV source folder to  "unit_tests" and  executed the make command but failed with the below error makemake: Nothing to be done for 'all'.
I want to run all  unit-test cases covered (at one go)  under the unit_test folder  and measure the ClamAV  code coverage  metrics( in terms of  line/statement coverage, function coverage, branch coverage) by  exiting the unit-test case suite(s) of ClamAV
I have gone through  ClamAV documentation a little bit but could not find a clue for it. Could any one of you please help me on  this and any help /suggestions would be appreciated 

Thanks,Satish Yaduvanshi


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