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Re: [Re: [nsp] Translation Rules for India]

each city is 9n (as far as i can remember, but i haven't had to try and
do the entire country on one gateway) - i would try matching on that
and write your peers to creatively match, then you can chew up the digits
with prefixes or translation rules. (karnataka would be dialed
0119195nn... i believe, so you would only need to strip the 01191)

you could try something like this on your pots peers (i am making the
assupmtion that your are terminating on the pstn)

dial-peer voice 1 pots
dest 011919[5-n].T
prefix 9
port 0/0:d

Jared Mauch <> wrote:
> On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 03:40:00PM -0700, Andy Melton wrote:
> > Sorry if this is OT>>>
> >
> > Has anyone constructed a set of VoIP translation rules for India? The
> > country has city codes of variable length, from 2 to 4 digits which must
> > be stripped off and replaced with an alternate pattern depending on the
> > dialed digits.
> >
> > For example, our GW will be in Karnataka. Any call to Karnataka should
> > be place as a local call, i.e. 01191 should be replaced by 95 (Rule 0
> > ^01191 95). However, other cities should be placed as long distance
> > calls, i.e. strip the 01191 and pass the city code plus destination
> > number.
> >
> > So the problem is that Karnataka has hundreds of cities, far more than
> > the 10 translation rule capability. Does anyone have a template which
> > makes some sense of the Indian dialing plan?
> Is there some reason you can't run some external translation
> server (asterisk, ser, etc..) that will make sense of the dialplans
> independently of your ios based devices?
> I've found that it's worthwhile to rewrite things to the longest
> possible string eg: 001 313 555 1212 whenever possible, then create the
> dial-peers as necessary to strip the irrelevant stuff off.
> - jared
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