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re:: Xen Hypervisor not booting due to Kernel Panic issue
hello Vairamani.V,

its possible to install xen-4.16.x and qemu-system-i386-xen from Jammy
repo, without any need to use sources and built it (DIY).

Attached is a dry-run install I just did today. Its a must to have
security updates and universe repos available for this huge install.

** attached **
jammy2204:~$ sudo apt-get install xen-system-amd64 qemu-system-x86-xen
--install-recommends --dry-run

You are far better off doing this with distro resources so you get the
required package depends, instead of trial and error with a self-built

Further more, I would move the xen grub config up in the boot order:
cd /etc/grub.d; mv 20_linux_xen 09_linux_xen

you may have to do this and rerun after your install and before first boot:
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg