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xen-4.12.1 in CentOS 8 (el8) with python3 support - success
Here is my trace:

To build the SRPM I needed 3 extra source builds:

To install the RPM packages I needed 1 extra source build:

To get a working kernel I needed one support request to the
elrepo-kernel team. They
posted the fixed kernel earlier today.
Use the kernel-ml 5.3.4* or higher.

If you don't install the bridge-utils, there are errors in

since Redhat wants to obsolete brctl and bridge-utils. There is no
problem installing the latest version from Fedora built for C8.
If you don't use this legacy package, the vif-bridge script must be
rewritten. The new syntax is:
>bridge link show

To setup dom0, I did a yum --installroot <> while inside a pv domU,
then ssh-pull the image into my dom0 drive. The tarred up basic image
was 400 MB.

PryMar56 at ##xen-packaging on Freenode IRC

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