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Mailing list spring clean
Hi everybody,

spring is coming, which is an excellent opportunity to retire old and
inactive mailing lists. Too many lists confuse users. If lists are not
active people may even get frustrated as they may not get an answer when
posting to the wrong list.

My proposal is to retire the mailing lists listed below, as they have
not been active for some time or get posts which should really be posted
in another list. We would retire lists in such a way that the lists are
deleted, but such that the archives are still available.

If you have any objections to the proposal, please fill out the
following form (
by March 31st, <>
providing your name, e-mail and the mailing lists you want to keep and
press submit.

*Lists for projects which have completed some time ago:*

* Cloud-devel
* ova-devel
* xense-devel
* xen-smartio
* xen-ppc-devel
* xen-cim

*Lists that have become obsolete as discussions happen elsewhere
*(e.g. on blogs, other mailing lists or IRC)

* xen-announce
* xen-community

*Lists with a specific focus
*(e.g. in practice either xen-devel, xen-api or xen-users has been used
for these for some time)

* xen-tools
* xen-test
* xen-merge
* xm-test-devel
* xm-test-changelog

Best Regards