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save/restore/migrate under auto_translated_physmap mode
Several projects like Potemkin and Content Based Page Sharing have
utilized the "auto_translated_physmap" mode, but it seems that that
mode does not support saving/restoring VMs nor migration. It looks to
me like this is because there is no readily available pfn->mfn list
maintained by the guest to use for determining which pages to save,
but perhaps the problem is more complex than that.

In the latest version of Xen I'm not even able to create a domain with
this feature enabled, so I am curious what the development plans for
this mode are and whether anyone is (or plans) to support migration
with this mode.

I need to do page sharing and migration, so I am looking into adding
this feature myself, but if anyone has any pointers or guidelines I'd
appreciate it.

As a further incentive, I promise to update the wiki with all that I
learn about xen's memory managment modes ;)

Thanks in advance,

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