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[Xen-ia64-devel] RE: struct xen_domctl_getmemlist's start_pfn member
>From: Jan Beulich
>Sent: 2006Äê11ÔÂ6ÈÕ 21:17
>What is the purpose of this member? Neither does it seem to get set
>xc_get_pfn_list), nor does it seem to get read.
>Thanks, Jan

Xen/ia64 is the only user on this member, with some historical
requirement to query a specific frame list starting from given point.
One reason I remembered is that once xen/ia64 adopted a policy
to allocate machine frames dynamically upon lookup request by
above getmemlist, and thus allow control panel to query-then-allocate
for a specific region. But this requirement has disappeared for a long
time. Not sure whether latest xen/ia64 still has other usage model.
If not, it's better to be cleared.


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