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[PATCH v3 0/3] x86: shim building adjustments (plus shadow follow-on)
The change addressing the shadow related build issue noticed by
Andrew went in already. The build breakage goes beyond this
specific combination though - PV_SHIM_EXCLUSIVE plus HVM is
similarly an issue. This is what the 1st patch tries to take care
of, in a shape already on irc noticed to be controversial. I'm
submitting the change nevertheless because for the moment there
looks to be a majority in favor of going this route. One argument
not voiced there yet: What good does it do to allow a user to
enable HVM when then on the resulting hypervisor they still can't
run HVM guests (for the hypervisor still being a dedicated PV
shim one). On top of this, the alternative approach is likely
going to get ugly.

The shadow related adjustments are here merely because the want
to make them was noticed in the context of the patch which has
already gone in.

1: don't permit HVM and PV_SHIM_EXCLUSIVE at the same time
2: refactor shadow_vram_{get,put}_l1e()
3: sh_{make,destroy}_monitor_table() are "even more" HVM-only