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Code of Conduct vote outcome
Hey all,

This is a resolution to the Code of Conduct vote Lars called for back in January [1], which ended 31 March.

The results were:

Hypervisior project (7 + 1 LT members): Six +1 votes, no -1 votes
XAPI project (5 LT members): No votes
Windows PV Drivers Project (3 LT members): One +1 vote, no -1 votes

Now to interpret the governance rules on project-wide decisions [2].

It states that: "A quorum of at least least 1/3 of positive votes of each project’s leadership team members is required. In other words: if a project’s leadership team does not achieve the quorum, the entire sub-project’s vote is not counted.”

That would mean that the HV project and the PV Drivers Project both have quorum, but XAPI does not.

It also says: "If none of the qualifying projects achieve a quorum, the change cannot hold. In that case, we consider that there is not enough momentum behind a change."

That rule doesn’t apply to this situation, because we do have qualifying projects that have achieved a quorum. The phrasing seems to indicate that as long as *at least one* project qualifying project has a quorum, then the vote is valid.

It then says:

“For each qualifying project with a quorum, the percentage of votes in favour and against is calculated (e.g. if 5 people voted in favour, 2 against and 1 abstains, the share is 5/7th and 2/7th respectively).”

That gives us: HV Project 100% (6/6), PV driver project 100% (1/1).

Then it says:

Votes in favour are averaged as percentages across all projects (say we have per project figures of 50%, 80%, 70% in favour, then the total vote in favour is 66.67%).

That gives us: (100 + 100) / 2 == 100% Average

And finally:

"If the total vote achieves a 2/3rd majority in favour, the proposal passes. Otherwise it fails.”

100% > 2/3, so *according to my reading*, this passes.

I’m going to wait a week before officially declaring it as having passed, however, to allow people to double-check my reading of the rules and propose alternate interpretations.