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Xen mailing lists: dropping Subject line tags, etc.
Hi. This message is being sent once to each mailing list hosted by
the Xen Project.

Increasingly, mail systems on the public internet are demanding
restrictive SPF configurations [1] and DKIM signatures [2].

Currently the Xen Project systems have liberal configurations.
Unfortunately this means that we are having trouble with mails being
blocked as spam. We intend to tighten the configuration.

For mailing lists, this will mean we need to stop adding the
[list-name] tag to the Subject line, and stop adding the footers
giving mailing list information.

The information in the Subject line tag is also available in various
headers, mostly List-*, provided by Mailman, our mailing list manager

If you are currently filtering based on Subject line tags, we
recommend you change to filtering based on the List-Id header. For
example, messages to xen-devel come with:
List-Id: Xen developer discussion <>
You can make this change right away.

List subscribers and posters should not need to make any other
configuration changes.

We are not going to make this change immediately, and not before the
14th of March. We'll make one further announcement when the change
has been made.

Thanks for your attention.
(on behalf of the Xen Project)


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