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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 7/7] Added Resolving Disagreement
?On 06/01/2020, 07:25, "Jürgen Groß" <> wrote:

>+## Issue: Small functional issues
>+The most common area of disagreements which happen in code reviews, are
>+differing opinions on whether small functional issues in a patch series have to
>+be resolved or not before the code is ready to be submitted. Such disagreements
>+are typically caused by different expectations related to the level of
>+perfection a patch series needs to fulfil before it can be considered ready to


>+be committed.
>+To explain this better, I am going to use the analogy of some building work that
>+has been performed at your house. Let's say that you have a new bathroom
>+installed. Before paying your builder the last instalment, you perform an


Hi Juergen: thank you for pointing out the remaining typos.

I fixed these in my local tree, with the exception of the two instances above.

The two issues above come down to US vs non-US English

I didn't really review the document for consistency with respect to a particular style of English spelling.
It does seem though that normally I use US spelling (e.g. minimize) mostly and of course the Contributor
Covenant has been written US spelling.

I don't have a strong view either way and can have a go at making it consistent (e.g. in US stylespelling)


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