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Winter Outreachy round - please update projects
Hi all,

the Winter Outreachy round is coming up. Given that the winter round is typically a little quieter and we do not have an extensive list of projects, I only requested funding for 1 slot in this round.

Please update starter projects, add new ones, etc. to as needed (or on your own pages linked from it)

The program Schedule is as follows

September 12
participating organizations are announced and application system opens

September 12 - October 17
applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it

October 17
application deadline at 7pm UTC

October 17 - November 8
applicants are encouraged to continue making contributions for the project they applied for; submitted applications are open for editing

November 8
accepted participants announced on this page at 4pm UTC

December 6 - March 6
internship period

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