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[PATCH 0/3] Significant changes to Xen Project Governance (governance.html)
I made some significant proposed changes to governance.html based on a number
of issues that were raised in a number of surveys last year, and via other
means, as well as in the recent discussions related to governance.html changes
(the issue of too many committers in XAPI and XAPI being able to hijack the
entire project).

In any case, the changes are expressed in three patches governance.pandoc,
which is the pandoc source for governance.html:

- Code motion changes to make real patches easier to read
No content has been changed
An index was added
Fixed some minor typos and formatting issues

- Added comment sections to highlight problem areas
The intention here is to highlight the issues to be addressed

- Significant changes to decision making; some new roles; minor changes
Introduces governance changes
Adds some new roles
Minor formatting changes, such as missing anchors, wrong
Deletes addressed open issues in comments
Add additional comments to raise questions or provide background info

The intention is to show you my thought processes behind the proposal
and to prompt questions.

The patch series is based on git://
You can see the diff's easily in;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/2016-overhaul

Open Issues to be fixed
- Agree specific governance rules
- Fix up tables as these don't render properly as html
Also see
- Remove comment sections as key decisions on content are made

2.5.4 (Apple Git-61)

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