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Schedule for our Annual Developer and Design Summit - Design Session Rating and Proposals
We are excited to announce the program and speakers for the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit ( The summit brings together developers, engineers, and Xen Project power users for in-person collaboration and educational presentations. The event will take place in Nanjing Jiangning, China from June 20-22, 2018. This is the fifth annual Xen Project Summit with presentations and panels focusing on hypervisor performance and development, security, automotive and much more. You can view the full schedule at

Design Sessions
Beyond panels and presentations, the Xen Project will be running design sessions that share a similar format to Xen Project hackathons ( Attendees of the conference have the opportunity to propose design sessions now and during the conference. Current design topics already include Making Safety Certifications for Xen Easier, From Hobbyist to Maintainer: Why and How and Reworking x86 in Xen (Current and Future Plans).

Design sessions are scheduled via and can still be proposed now. Rather than scheduling sessions manually, as we have done in the past, we have introduced an automatic scheduling system. This allows you to
a) Highlight which sessions you want to attend (and how important attending is)
b) Propose new sessions

User Account
To do either you will need to create a user-account on To do so, you will need a Verification Code that you can get on IRC (look out for gwd or lars_kurth), send an e-mail to or (and ask for a Design Session Verification code). The system will automatically choose the best option based on what sessions you want to attend and will minimise conflicts.

Proposing Sessions
Log into
Go to
And propose a session
If the session needs to be on a certain day, please let me or George now and we can restrict when the session can take place.

Let us know which sessions to attend
The schedule will be created based on information you provide. If you do not provide the information, your preference will NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Log into
Go to
Chose one of the following for each session:
None = I do not want to attend the session
A Little = I have some interest in the session
Yes = I want to attend, but would if there is a conflict, I don't mind not attending
Very = I absolutely want to attend this session

We will update the schedule daily on
We will finalise the schedule at 11:00 for each day during the event

The scheduling system will pick the best time-slot based on your interests, the best room based on the number of attendees.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the summit

Best Regards

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