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Wikimedia developer satisfaction survey 2023 ?????????????

Please take our annual* *Developer Satisfaction Survey*!


The survey is open until Fri, 17 Feb 2023—two weeks from today.


This survey is for members of the *Wikimedia Developer Community* and
covers the following topics:


Code review tooling and process

Code quality


Continuous Integration

MediaWiki development environments

Beta cluster / Staging

Please take the survey if you’ve used the above tools as part of your role
developing software for the Wikimedia community.

We’re soliciting your feedback to:


Measure developer satisfaction, and

determine where to invest resources in the future

We will anonymize, explore, and report the data we gather on
View previous years' survey results:

Privacy statement: This survey will be conducted via a third-party service,
which may subject it to additional terms. For more information on privacy
and data-handling, see the survey privacy statement

Thank you!

Tyler Cipriani (he/him)
Engineering Manager, Release Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation

*: “annual,” except we missed 2022 ????