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MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2021.10 release
Hello all,

I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle
2021.10. This bundle is compatible with '''MediaWiki 1.35.3''' or above and
requires '''PHP 7.3.19''' or above.

Next MLEB is expected to be released in 3 months. If there are very
important bug fixes, we will do an intermediate release. Please give us
your feedback at [[Talk:MLEB|]].

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Quick links:
* Installation instructions are at:
* Announcements of new releases will be posted to a mailing list:
* Report bugs to:

Release notes for each extension are below.

-- Kartik Mistry

== Highlights ==
* MLEB now requires MediaWiki 1.35.3 and PHP 7.3.19
* This release contains security fixes. We recommend updating as soon as
* Prevent non-wikitext pages from being marked for translation
* Add support for moving talkpages when moving translatable pages
* The translation UI (TUX) now uses the user preferred edit fonts when
displaying the source message & the editor ([[gerrit:c/719641|Gerrit]],

== Known Issues ==
* The new Vector skin has a configuration parameter
<code>$wgVectorLanguageInHeader</code> that moves the language links from
the sidebar into a menu beside the page title. With MediaWiki 1.36, New
Vector (REL1_36 branch) and <code>$wgVectorLanguageInHeader</code> set to
true, the menu beside the title does not respond to click events and is
hence unusable. We recommend setting <code>$wgVectorLanguageInHeader</code>
to false if you are using MediaWiki 1.36.

== Babel, cldr, and LocalisationUpdate ==
* Localisation and maintenance updates.

== CleanChanges ==
* Fix: RecentChanges: When filtering with only a nonexistent user, changes
from all users are displayed ([
Gerrit], [ Phabricator])
* Localisation and maintenance updates.

== Translate ==
* SpecialPageTranslation: Show correct number of units marked for
translation ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/705885|Gerrit]])
* Fix translation of pages with custom content models
* TranslatablePageMover: Fix incorrect target page validation
* Extended export.php's capabilities to allow exporting everything with a
single invocation ([[phab:T287476|Phabricator]])
* Fix Discouraged translatable page is no longer discouraged after move
* Special:PageTranslation: Display consistent success/warning/error
messages ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/714972|Gerrit]])
* Fix Pages discouraged from translation should warn translators
* Fix TUX should have try again button upon save failure
* TUX: Ensure optional message is checked based on URL options
* SpecialTranslate: Fix proofreading tooltip anchor
* Fix Page display title no longer translatable by default
* Fix TUX should not use a wrong uselang value as fallback
* Add new validator NotEmptyValidator
* Add dir/lang attribute for outdated translation header
* Special:PageTranslation: Require
<code><nowiki><translate></nowiki></code> tags on the latest version for
marking ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/714971|Gerrit]],
* Special:PageTranslation: <code>tpt-badtitle</code> expects a parameter
* Use user preferred edit font in sourcemessage & editor
([[gerrit:c/719641|Gerrit]], [[phab:T213658|Phabricator]])
* Fix The page translation language list should use HTML list instead of
literal bullet points
* Remove language URL parameter in "Translate this page" link
* Add support for moving talkpages when moving translatable pages
* Redirect page should not block translation page
* Prevent non-wikitext pages from being marked for translation
* Update moveTranslatablePageScript.php to make moving sub pages the
default ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/721821|Gerrit]])
* Fix Special:PageMigration - "query - messagecollection" API throws an
error ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/723813|Gerrit]])
* Performance optimizations for Translate metadata
* Add <code>%MESSAGE_URL%</code> placeholder for support params
* Avoid outputting invalid lang="qqq" on Special:Translations and
Special:SupportedLanguages ([[phab:T259137|Phabricator]])
* Allow excluding certain messages from validation
* Special:Translate: Ensure translated name for the group appears
* Localisation and maintenance updates

=== Security ===
* Allow revdel-related actions in translatable pages

=== Breaking changes ===
* Export script: remove <code>--hours</code>
* Remove translation aids customization (Hook:
* Remove <code>$wgTranslateDelayedMessageIndexRebuild</code>
* Remove <code>getConfiguration</code> and <code>getFFS</code> from
MessageGroup ([[gerrit:c/mediawiki/extensions/Translate/+/715946|Gerrit]])
* Group configuration: Rename validator keymatch option to include

== UniversalLanguageSelector ==
* '''SECURITY''': Language name search: Avoid searching for very long
search keys
* Improve support for the new Vector Skin
* Remove configuration <code>ULSEnableAnon</code>

* Add support for multiple ULS buttons
* Localisation and maintenance updates.

Kartik Mistry | ??????? ????????