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Removing the "fonts" submodule from operations/mediawiki-config

tl;dr: The "fonts" submodule in operations/mediawiki-config will go away

For a very long time, we've had a Git repository,
operations/mediawiki-config/fonts, that contains a random assortment of
font files copied out of an Ubuntu appserver back in 2008. My
understanding is that these fonts were only ever used by the
EasyTimeline extension via ploticus.

The current README ends with:
> We can presumably dump it if we kill ploticus running from app servers.
> -- brion 2008-12-09

...which has now happened with the migration to Shellbox. During the
build process, the fonts are copied out of the Git repository into the
Shellbox container[1].

I intend to:

1) remove the fonts submodule from the operations/mediawiki-config
repository, removing it from all appservers[2].

2) Empty out most of the fonts repository so it only contains the 3
fonts we actually use for Timelines (FreeSans, FreeSansWMF, unifont)[3].

I am mostly sending this email in case someone else is using this
repository for fonts or expecting this path to exist on appservers, in
which case, please say something.

Semi-relatedly, there is an open task to remove all the fonts installed
via Debian packages from appservers, now that all thumbnailing and image
generation happens on thumbor/shellbox servers[4].


-- Kunal
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