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MediaWiki 1.37.0-rc.0 is ready for testing
I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of MediaWiki
1.37.0-rc.0, the first release candidate for 1.37.x. Download links are at
the end of the e-mail. The tag has been signed and pushed to Git.

This is not a final release, and should not be used for production
websites. Known issues are tracked in Phabricator on the release workboard
[1]. As with every release of MediaWiki, a large number of changes have
landed in the last six months (over 1700 commits since 1.36.0 was cut), and
you should read over the preliminary release notes as part of assuring
yourself of areas that may have issues with your configuration, your skins,
and/or your extensions.

As always, please try out the release candidate in a test environment and
do report any issues that you discover. Please use the #MW-1.37-Release [2]
tag in Phabricator when reporting issues specific to this release, to make
sure that we find them as quickly as possible.

It is expected that MediaWiki 1.37 will become final in November 2021,
though the date may slip if blockers are identified.

Preliminary release notes:

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Open Bugs:

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Download without bundled extensions:

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