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Coolest Tool Award 2021: Call for nominations
Dear all,

It’s time for our third edition of the Coolest Tool Award!

Tools play an essential role at Wikimedia, and so do the many volunteer
developers who experiment with new ideas, develop & maintain local &
global solutions and enhance the experience for Wikimedia communities.

We’d like to invite you all to nominate your favorite & most used tools
and help us celebrate the people who create them!

As no one can possibly know all the cool tools out there, we’re looking
for some help and inspiration: please point us to the tools that you
think are great - for any reason you can think of!

Please go to
to recommend tools by October 27, 2021. You can nominate as many tools
as you want by filling out the form multiple times.

Thank you very much for your ideas & recommendation(s)!

The award is organized & selected by the Coolest Tool Academy 2021. We
plan to recognize the greatest tools in a variety of categories (for
examples, see last year’s categories). The award ceremony will take
place virtually again this year and we will provide more details soon
about the specific logistics and dates.

We will continue to spread the word over the next week, but if you get
the chance, please feel welcome to share this information with others

Thanks :-)

Andre, for the Coolest Tool Academy 2021

Andre Klapper (he/him) | Bugwrangler / Developer Advocate