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Backport window name updates
*tl;dr:* We renamed a few backport windows, but everything about the
process is staying the same. As always, the deployment calendar
<> is up-to-date and

Computer science has two hard problems
<>: cache
invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors????. There are three backport
windows <> a day—each
window has a name—three opportunities a day to fail at hard problems.

Folks observed that the calendar used "morning" and "evening" as terms
relative to the US West coast. And that the terms "EU" and "European" were
(a) not the same thing and (b) not entirely correct. So I changed things:

- *UTC morning* – 11UTC/4PDT – previously named *European mid-day
backport window*
- *UTC evening* – 18UTC/11PDT – previously named *Morning backport
- *UTC late* – 23UTC/16PDT – previously named *Evening backport window*


Thanks to Kosta <> for the
suggestion and review.


Tyler Cipriani (he/him)
Engineering Manager, Release Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation