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Parsoid/JS is EOL
Hello everyone,

MediaWiki 1.31 has reached EOL. Consequently, Parsoid/JS (the javascript
version of Parsoid) is also EOL starting today.

Parsoid was originally implemented in Javascript. It was ported to PHP
in 2019 and the PHP port is now part of all MediaWiki releases. With the
EOL of the MediaWiki 1.31 LTS, LTS support transfers to Parsoid/PHP
0.12, which was included as part of the MediaWiki 1.35 LTS distribution.

Parsoid/JS has only been receiving security releases since 2020 and will
no longer get any security updates. We recommend all Parsoid users
switch over to Parsoid/PHP.

on behalf of the Content Transform Team (formerly the “Parsing Team”)