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Is the "clearyourcache" message still useful?
TLDR: If you use "hard refresh" in your browser after editing a CSS or JS
page on the wiki, I'd like to hear about it so as to figure out whether
there may be a bug in the software. Please do test and confirm it for
yourself once more without a hard refresh, as it might just be an old habit
acting as a placebo :)


The "clearyourcache" message is the message that, contrary to its interface
key, instructs users to perform a page refresh in order to see the effect
of their edit to JS and CSS-related pages. For example:

As I understand it, this message is no longer be needed. I'm not aware of
any scenario in which a page carries this message, and edits to the page in
question would propagate to the editor's browser sooner as result of
performing a "hard reload".

If you find yourself doing hard reloads, or know people that do, I'd love
to hear detailed examples of specific combinations of pages/wikis/browsers
where people do this.

I've detailed the technical reasons for why these (should) have no impact,
on Phabricator:

-- Timo