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Removing methods in the Article class without deprecation
Hello all,

Next week we will remove the following methods without deprecation:
- Article::delete()
- Article::confirmDelete()
- ImagePage::delete()

This is part of an ongoing refactoring of deletion-related code. The
methods above are currently bloated: beyond deleting an article, they're
responsible for building the UI, checking permissions, handling errors etc.
The relevant UI-related code is being moved to DeleteAction, so use that if
you need to do something with the UI.
Maintaining BC in the old methods is challenging, due to how many things
this code does, and how much code is being moved around. According to
codesearch, these methods are only used by a test in WikibaseLexeme (which
has been temporarily disabled). Thus, we decided to remove them without
deprecation after this week's train.

Please reply to this email if you're affected by this and don't know how to

Best regards,

"Daimona" is not my real name -- he/him